Prophecy: the Fall of Trinadon

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Activision Action based Tales and legends

Don't let Trinadon fall - save it!

In the sweet style of the oldschool NES top down role playing games - Zelda is a prime example, Prophecy: the Fall of Trinadon manages to create a similar game, a fun one, pretty well designed, but ultimately forgettable. In the sense that after you play it there isn't a lot to stick in your mind about it, but nonetheless, it still manages to retain a certain amount of flavor as you play it, but there are no set pieces that are more interesting or more original. So, the basic story of the game is that you get conjured to aid in keeping this town (in a medieval fantasy world) from being utterly destroyed, a feat that only you can accomplish. But, of course, the inhabitants don't really care as much about you and your journey, and you'll still have to grow as a character, before you're fit to accomplish your main goal. All in all, difficulty wise Prophecy: the Fall of Trinadon is well balanced, but this is more of a question of there not being too many enemies to talk about, or other challenges to give you a hard time. Nope, the game is quite the same throughout, pretty vanilla, and so, it's not long before you realize that, maybe, you don't need to finish it! But, then again, difficulty is not always what all players aspire to, and so, if you want a rather simple game, this might as well be it.

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