Rex Nebular

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Microprose Science Fiction Humorous Point and click Sci fi

Rex Nebular to the rescue!

Taking its clear inspiration from the humorous point-and-click adventures Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest, this is an enjoyable enough romp which is more than worth a look if you're into the genre. It's got all the usual silly science fiction humor, some solid puzzles and a fun story, and which make it a pleasant little experience. The plot here is a pretty complex one, which finds our roguish hero, Rex Nebular, crashlanding on a planet populated entirely by women. Captured by their cruel leaders, he must find a way to escape, while keeping his manhood and putting an end to their dastardly plans. What follows is a classic point-and-click adventure, full of the usual mix of exploration, character interaction, item gathering and puzzle solving. Most of these puzzles are the standard inventory-style, while the game uses the familiar interface of the period, which makes navigating and interaction a generally simple process. For the most part, this is an enjoyable enough romp. The story is undeniably silly but that's rather the point and if you're attuned to the game's sense of humor and style, then there's a lot of fun to be had here. The puzzles aren't the most difficult in the world, making this a good choice for beginners to the genre, and the game isn't the longest either, but even if you are a veteran, there's still much to enjoy here. The visuals are well done, with some nice character and environment work which feature some good details, so for a relatively simple but enjoyable adventure, this makes for a good bet.

Sci Fi adventure with tongue in cheek sense of humor

The game pits you in a futuristic environment of space laboratories and galactic conquest, but, when you get to know the game more closely it shares quite a bit with the cheeky Larry from Leisure Suit Larry series. The game however, doesn't sport that cartoonish style, being the adept of a more realistic style. Therefore, the game is somehow torn between serious explorative adventuring and mindless, tongue in cheek banter with particular innuendos. Ultimately however, you get a good dose of laughs but also a very well polished and modernistic adventure, with exploration, puzzles, and types of challenges that can put your mind on strings quite right. The static drawings, as I mentioned are more realistic, an have a very calculated but good enough vibe, while most animations look very well designed. I won't say this is the kind of classic adventure of the era, but it nevertheless delivers an interesting and often surprising experience. However, you might simply find that the clash between serious puzzling and the often misguided mature themes may be a little too unrelated, so that may prove a downer for some.

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