Lawnmower Man

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Sales Curve Science Fiction Movie style

Full of adventure

The game is based on a 1992 film and involves various mini games in the gameplay. The plot here is that you will control Dr. Angelo who is basically Pierce Brosnan from the movie. You will head the character into cyberspace where you to take the evil and psychotic God Jobe. The evil Jobe rules his domains and is very powerful as he will manipulate the happenings in the virtual world to give different challenges to the player. These tests are quite distinct and involve different but competitive set ups such as digital IQ tests, chasing, running, ducking, hiding and beating time. It also involves a tunnel fight sequence which takes place in a virtual jet which is again from the movie. The gameplay actually functions like some interactive movie and has its limitation for being so. However the graphics are stills smooth enough to interest you. The level designs in the game or the challenges that have been designed for the player are quite competitive and this indicates towards a good A1. The controls are good as well and so is the variety of options. Overall you have a good adventure at your disposal and is very much like Space junk.

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