Race Driver: GRID

Racing 2008 Windows Codemasters Simulation Rally Simulation sport

Hi-octane racing action

Fast and furious, GRID offers pretty much everything you could hope for in a racing game and is perfect for followers of the Need for Speed and Burnout series. This one throws players into the high stakes world of race driving and sends them around the world in search of fame and fortune. Three regions are on offer here, the US, Europe and Japan and each region offers a number of race styles to take part in. You have things like standard competitions, drifting races, destruction derbies and even the legendary 24 Hour Le Mans for the truly hardcore. Of course, you also have a huge selection of cars to choose from, with some being more suited to certain races than others. To get the money to buy cars you first need to complete Driver Offers, which also offer bonus cash for completing extra objectives, or you can go shopping on eBay if you want to save a bit. Other features include the likes of prestige points, which allow you to unlock higher license categories, giving you access to more races and cars, while interestingly enough, changing the realism level also affects this aspect of the game. Another key part of this series is the flashback, which works like the mechanic from Prince of Persia, where you can reverse time if you have made a mistake and attempt to get it right a second time around. GRID really is a top notch bit of driving action. It's got tons of courses and cars to speed around, and which offer plenty of variety in their styles. There's loads of tuning opportunities for petrolheads and the visuals are slick and detailed. All in all, a first class racer.

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