Red Dwarf

Adventure 1996 Windows Science Fiction Humorous

Last human survivor on a freigh ship! Survive

The late 80s show Red Dwarf never really achieved the success, commercially, as Star Trek had, but nevertheless it was a passionate Sci Fi show, with a fun, relaxed, humorous outlook over at space opera. The game here puts you in the shoes of the last human being, Lister, and asks you to solve a lot of puzzles, and survive, on this space freight station in space. It's light hearted game, taking its cues form the show. It will definitely offer you a great and satisfying session of play. You are also a game show player, and most of the puzzles are based on the TV show that runs in game, so it's a bit wacky at times. But, overall, Red Dwarf is pretty cool, just a slice into the game world, and a true advertisement for the TV show, if you haven't already given it a try. Graphically it could have been a little more polished, but as it is, it sure looks aright. It could have been a bit better done, at least in the animation sector, but, at any rate, it's alright. Alternatively, download Star Trek, one of the early adventure games, for a sort of similar experience, yet a more serious one.

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