Chewy: ESC from F5

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Blue Byte Science Fiction Humorous Cartoon

Sierra like adventure featuring cartoony aliens

This is a cartoonish adventure in the same vein as the later Sierra adventures, in which you play as an always hungry and daft alien, Chewy, who's looking to save his best friend whose been captured by the nasty and evil green Borks. The game will take you through a wondrous galaxy, where you'll meet allies and foes and will have to solve all sort of wacky, though, thankfully, mostly logical puzzles. The game features the staple item combining puzzles, pixel hunt puzzles, talking while choosing the correct sequence puzzles and many more such classics, all (again mostly) well done and all dominated by an underlying naive humor. There will be slap stick comedy, comedy arising from the nicely drawn environments and alien characters as well as a sweet, hard to find today, naivete, which feels very welcomed in a game who will mostly be thoroughly enjoyable by smaller children. The game doesn't try to serve you too much pop culture references, but then again, maybe they are better hidden than one would think, though I didn't pick up on that. So, ultimately, this is a great game for kids who, assisted by parents that may have dabbled in the adventures of the late 80s and 90s, will go on a journey and will fight some evil green aliens with the aid of wit and logic. If the premise sounds enticing, go for it, the game does deliver.

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