Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Core Design Science Fiction

Mediocre writing, ok puzzles, buggyness

Universe is an okay sci-fi point and click adventure brought to us by Core Design, the makers of the mega-famous Tomb Raider series. It revolves around Boris, who is accidentally found in a parallel universe very similar to the Empire from Star Wars. Soon we find out the he was prophesied to be the savior of that universe and throw the Emperor Neiamises and finally bring peace to the universe. All in all, a fairly usual and not very original storyline for this kind of game. The game has decent puzzles but the gameplay might be a bit irritating since the interface is a bit awkward so it would take a lot of patience to make the game to work. Another problem with this game is that is crashes a lot and sometimes get stuck. It's a shame, the game had a good concept but it got screwed by the buggy gameplay and confusing controls and panels. The game's graphics system is relatively mediocre for this time (it's no Myst, that's for sure), and the soundtrack is some sci-fi quasi techno music, which I honestly don't like too much. I'd say this game is well within average, ok to try out but prepare for bugs and a test of patience.

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