Arcade 1994 Dos Uranium Software Single screen Item collection

Strange but playable Pac Man remix

Pako is a long lost cousin (!) of Pac Man, and this is its game; Pako is a small yellow blow, always hungry, always looking for the red pellets and, always chased by ghosts, with only short amounts of time when he can breathe easy, knowing that he's not the prey! Yep, it's Pac Man alright, but the choices to color the maze with solid gray lines, like it were the lines of a Windows 3.1 application, and also, fact that there are not just 2 but 6 warp slots which once entered take you to the opposing portion of the screen, just gives this game an eerily different built and feel compared to that classic Pac Man maze. Controls and movement wise, Pako is every inch as responsive and as easy to control as Pac Man, and the ever increasing difficulty of each new start, as the speed increases and the power blobs don't last as long, makes this a very fun game to sink into and play. So, if you wanted a clone/remix/variation of Pac Man, this can sure fill the shoes, and it does so with a rather eerie presentation; but then again, that might just be me!

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