Magic Candle 2, The

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Mindcraft Top down Fantasy

Rather clumsy top down RPG

The type of visual experience that The Magic Candle games create, both this second title as well as the original one, is the DOS era version of that NES RPG style that Zelda games were known for: Top down non isometric graphics, action sequences that involved sword play or some projectile action and a fantasy story. Now, while the Zelda games had a more unique story to tell, this game takes the classic fantasy trope of the kingdom in need of a savior to the foreground. The story loosely follows the one that the first title told: you need to locate some mages, mages which are of very grave importance to the future of the kingdom. There is the twist in the story that you'll come to expect, if you follow the story at all, but don't expect to be swiped down your feet, storytelling suffers from the plague of developers not thinking it important for the game. Instead, the action is pretty interesting. You will guide your party from quest to quest, (you can' split the party or select a member to advance him by sending him/her to training. However, be careful, your disbanded bunch of marauders might find it difficult to advance without him/her) and you will fight as a unit, using each member's unique skill set. The game put a lot of emphasis on your party, as you can switch party members, add new ones, send old ones on their way and so on and so forth. Anyway, the diehard fans of the oldschool RPG of the DOS style era will find this title a good one, I found it a bit tedious and, as I mentioned, a bit too weak in the storytelling department. But, judged strictly on its genre merits, it' a good title, not as good as the first Magic Candle game but in the same ballpark nonetheless.

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