People's General

Strategy 1998 Windows SSI Alternate History

Large scale wargame, set for total domination!

Wargaming, while classically being just a more refined tabletop recreation managed to morph into a much more intense and novel experience while the game developed. And one thing that the virtual space offered, was the possibility to take the conflagrations even further, to bring them to higher scales. In People's General, that scale is the globe, though in this installment you will be focused on 21st century warfare in Asia. However, if you source the game make sure you scour the internet for mods, as the community built around the game was very dedicated and it led to a lot of state of the art campaigns being added to its engine. And it wasn't just a fluke, because the game was really sturdy, had an engine that could support so much action and it did scale pretty nicely. Thus, it's the community maps and additions that turned People's General into a really important wargame. It's no wonder that the AI, named living battlefield would come to be seen as a staple of modern wargaming, as it really pushed the frontier if what was considered possible in these games. Anyway, SSI was not just a onetime game developer, there are loads of games worth playing in their catalogue, that is, if your extra fan made content doesn't take up all of your time in People's General!

One of the best TBS game I have ever played!

I am a hardcore fan of Turn Based Strategy games. Strategic Simulations, Inc brought this game on 1998. I remember when People's General was released I was eager to play the game. It's a great game that is very similar to Panzer General. This game has an excellent story line. You have to play as the Chinese general and defeat Southeast Asia and Russia. There a lot of campaigns with a lot of scenarios. There are 9 campaigns and 34 scenarios. These campaigns are - Eastern Long Campaign, Western Long Campaign, Railroaded, New World Order, Korea Revisited and four more additional scenarios. You won't get bored playing this game. Two of the versions are based on Eastern and Western campaign. Also there are several introductory video before starting any campaign. There are customized maps for the campaigns. You will have your own military units. Each military unit in People's General has their own attack and difference system. Overall this is a great game to play. You can play this game with your friends and family members. From my opinion this is a 5 out of 5 rating game.

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