Syndicate - American Revolt

Strategy 1993 Dos Bullfrog Organized forces Science Fiction

Awesome but unknown expansion of the original tactics game

For many IBM compatible wielders of the 484 era or the lucky 686 DOS rig wielders, there were only a few jaw dropping moments when it came to games that presented a really extraordinary game world. Syndicate was one of them, and even more so, once the American Revolt expansion was added to the mix. Syndicate is a tactics game which was definitely far ahead of its time when it was first deployed. It allowed the player to customize a small tactics team tasked with infiltrating and destroying threats in a future dystopian metropolis. The 22nd century had not been kind to humanity, and thus, the need for a highly prepared and ready to intervene taskforce was adamant. With American Revolt, the original game was expanded to include a larger South American set of maps. The Eurocorp giant is again being under attack by the citizen that had enough of the high taxes and the dangers lurking in the streets at all times. But you are on the side of the law, and will have to stop the increasingly dangerous citizen and their dangerous members from taking their revolt into a fully fledged revolution. In terms of mechanics, the same original features remain. You can control each of your squad members individually or in groups and the best tactics remain the ones that use stealth and careful planning. The game remains a joy to play to this day.

One of the best games of the time

Syndicate and Syn:AR are set in the a world where technology is gone really really bad. The world is under the control of an internet-type mafia that controls information. You don't have computers to use the web, you have a wireless connection in your brain. The syndicate controlling the web got control through killing off all its competators and hacking the net. In Syn:AR you will put down an american revolt and reassert control of the world's information super-highway. You command 4 soldiers who are just tech-zombies armed with asassin-type weapons and outfitted with cyber-implants. you recruit more sodiers to replace those you lost in a mission by brain-zapping innocent people you meet in a mission. If the civies survive a mission you add them to your army of internet-zombies.

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