Simulation 1989 Dos Wizard Games Business

Text based strategy game

It is an all text strategy, a management and a fun game with a realistic theme and some very realistic strategic elements. You will be playing as a rock star who has assembled his own band and is now aiming to the highest ranks of success with his music. As the rockstar, you will need to first prepare songs and albums in studios by investing money, time and effort and then release the same. You will also be doing extensive and long tours for which you will move from one place to another. Similarly you will be doing a lot of interviews and radio session where you will engage with your fan to strengthen you base. The game is all based on text and you won't be seeing you music videos. The ultimate goal that you have in the game is to see your music top the chart that is visible in the game and that is updated regularly. You will also have a manager in the game who will help you in various decisions and you will also be guided by the other members in the band. If you achieve the desired success, fame and money, then you can enjoy the time out for going on holidays. Well you will love this game as it has a very good interface. I have also liked Prime Time which is another very good strategy game.

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