Russian 6 Pack

Puzzle 1993 Dos Interplay Brainteaser Tetris variant Item collection

A six pack of brain (and reflexes) training puzzles

Russian 6 Pak contains 6 cool games that will engage you intellectually, all coming from Russia (with love! :P) and asking you nothing but to think! The games are block based, such as Flying Pictures where you shuffle around blocks to form a picture; then there's Fast Ring, a title where you have to stop an inundation, such as in Pipes like games. In Line Man you have the same task, but the rules are a little different, and thus offer you a great and satisfying experience; in Master of Bombs you play the Russian brewed Tetris, in a variation that is actually pretty satisfying, based on bomb tetrominoes. Another game is called Crete and is a top down game where you explore a labyrinth so as to escape it; it's cool, and fast, with a slide mechanic; lastly, with the minigame called Shadows you get, finally (!) a shooting game, Asteroids like yet with its own build and mechanical feel. However, all in all all the games are smallish, not too developed; it's however great for 5 minute sessions, even if the 2D graphics don't really satisfy anyone too much. So, at any rate, give it a go, it won't disappoint.

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