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Sailing in the Bermuda triangle

In Sailing you will get to experience a top down racing/adventure controlling a small ship that is but a few pixels high and low, and, from there on, the game is all about rescuing as many individuals as possible, while also trying to make sure that you don't get sunk! Yes, it can be a challenge, notwithstanding the area's really bad reputation, there are sharks, storms, and other dangers, but also crystals that you can collect and get more points. There is a radar you can use for orientation, and, generally, there is someone in need or rescue or some other kind of thing just lurking about, in the proximity, so that you are never too far away from a point of interest. While many of the game's ideas are not too realistic, you can't dismiss the air currents or some other of the elements as unrealistic, because they are, and they work pretty well. So, yeah, give it a try, Sailing: An Adventure in The Bermuda Triangle is a weird and yet cool game. Alternatively, download Age of Sail, for a similarly produced game, yet one with 3D graphics.

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