Carl Lewis Challenge, The

Sport 1992 Dos Teque London Summer sports

Featuring the Son of the wind...

It's likely the game got famous because it was sponsored (and sponsoring) the legend, Carl Lewis. Altough this particularity the game is a sports action game and is not just related to Carl Lewis. The plot in the game is all about different sports and has a good variety in the gameplay in terms of the sports physics and in terms of the designing of the gameplay. Starting with the features in the game, it is supported by a very good interface which allows you to move easily between the games and to exercise all the options in real time. Yu can gather athletes from many different countries and then train them for their relevant sports so that they can take part in the Olympics games. The best thing about the game is the gaming engine which supports all the sports in it so that the player can do the moves of different sports with perfection and variety. The controls in the game are well calibrated and you will enjoy all the movements and the action. The graphics are also very alluring and colorful and the background details are very catch and unique at every level of a sports game. The sports event that you play in the game have a wide variety and range from 100 meter dash to javelin throw. A more fun game as compare to this one is Regatta and I am sure you will love both.

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