Awesome Earl

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Another Paperboy, but one on rollerblades!

Awesome Earl in SkateRock is a cool game, built on the idea of distributing papers in this top down sidescrolling town, with loads of perils running amok at every corner. So, for the most part you should know what to expect if you've played the Gameboy or NES title Paperboy, as the main ideas are the same. However, unfortunately, compared to Paperboy, this one falls a little short in terms of graphics, and in terms of the way it runs. But, for the most part, because the perspective is slightly less tricky, compared to the hard to see isometry that was used in Paperboy, from this point of view Awesome Earl in SkateRock plays much better, and is much easier on the eyes and on your concentration. Now, you have to deliver the papers to the right houses, by memorizing the right track as fast as possible. So, give it a try, it will definitely not disappoint. So, overall, it's worth playing if you found the Paperboy idea cool enough, but the graphics just didn't really click with you. Awesome Earl in SkateRock might be the right blend of graphics for you.

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