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Sporting bundle of Olympic games

In World Games you will get action oriented, twitch and timing minigames representing all sort of sports, more or les novel. The bundle was created and released in the mid 80s, so the graphical style is of the age, minimalist, with clashing colors and, very easy to control, though not too simulation prone (and by not too much I men not at all!). But you know what, at times a bundle that tests your reflexes and your speed of interaction can work, and if those abstract puzzles are served via a sports theme, well, I don't mind it. Besides, the bundle is otherwise smartly packed, offering you multiple modes of taking part in the events. You can choose to go for an all around sport event championship in the all events co0mpetitions, or you can go for single events, and choose your sport. It's alright, sort of in the same spirit as California Games and maybe just as developed and as enticing as that one. Though, surely, it's a derivative product, as many of these bundles used to be, but for what is worth it works like a charm!

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