S.C. Out

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Kalisto Entertainment Design Tool

Ship maze navigation puzzle, with a well built editor

In S.C. Out your main goal is to navigate the top down mazes, with a ship, so that you will eventually reach your destination. The bump in the road however is that you need to collect keys, make sure the switches laid down on the level are switched in the right way so your path to the exit will be unencumbered, and, also, that all obstacles are dealt with. The key, of course, is figuring out the right sequence of events, so, in that respect the game feels like a puzzle, but, otherwise, the game, because it doesn't run turn based, is pretty lively, and you could potentially set out to spike up your play by trying to beat each level as fast as possible. And, when you are done with the (hefty amount) of levels the game puts in your front, you can use the integrated editor to create your very own adventures, which can add as much extra play as you'd want to. Definitely, S.C. Out is a take on Chip's Challenge, but, in my opinion it doesn't reach the level of intricacy that game offered. Instead, it does manage to keep you entertained, in a rather less loaded manner. But, yeah, play them both; they're both takes on the same ideas.

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