Freak Out

Puzzle 1992 Dos Parsec Entertainment Software

It's all downhill

If you're the sort of gamer who enjoys the likes of the Tony Hawk's skateboarding titles or classics like Ski or Die, then Freak Out must just be of interest to you. It's a far from perfect game but it's unusual enough to warrant a look, although don't expect to be playing it forever. It's effectively a skiing simulator which focuses mostly on extreme tricks and stunts. You've got a few modes to play through but most players will start with Mission, where you have to complete a series of challenges, like jumping gaps, grinding rails, and so on in order to rack up some cash. This is used to purchase better equipment while also opening up new mountains and slopes to race on. Freeride mode is all about getting as many points as possible while Bone Ride requires you to collect items as you race down the slopes. The focus is very much on performing stunts but it's actually quite technical and you'll need to concentrate on your timing in order to get your landings right. There are several different characters to play as, as well as heaps of moves to perform. Freak Out is a pretty decent attempt at an extreme sports game and offers plenty of chilly thrills. It is quite complex and you'll need your wits about you to get everything right so don't go in expecting a button masher. However, if you persevere you'll find it's quite rewarding stuff and strangely compelling. It's aided by some solid visual design and the slopes are also reasonably varied and offer up their own unique challenges, making this a decent choice for any skiing fan.

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