Donald Duck: Cold Shadow

Action 1995 Windows Capcom Cartoon Humorous Platformer Arcade

Quack this!

The Disney license has been used in countless games over the years, with some classic platformers like Lion King and Aladdin being offered up as a result. Cold Shadow is perhaps not quite up to the standards of these superb efforts but it's a surprisingly enjoyable effort that does a good job of utilizing its grumpy star. This one finds him in his guise as the Maui Mallard, a tough detective, and he's on the trail of a lost idol, and which takes him into some supremely creepy environments, and you'll be facing off against plenty of voodoo-style bad guys. Most of the game is a traditional side scrolling platformer, but there are some interesting gameplay mechanics here which mix things up a bit. You can switch between the Maui Mallard and Ninja Maui, which gives you access to different weapons and abilities, including a close combat staff and the ability to jump off walls, and which makes the gameplay subtly different depending on how you play as. Right from the start, Cold Shadow grabs your attention with its typically detailed and colorful visuals, which capture the spirit of the Disney cartoons and which lend the game much of its personality. The game itself is surprisingly clever and enjoyable too, with some very intricate level design, some slick bad guys and plenty of top notch platforming fun. The ability to switch between characters is a neat touch, giving the game some variety and adding to the challenge, as you need to get used to how each one feels. Although this might be the best known Disney license, it's definitely worth a look whether you're a fan or not.

A ducking great game!

Donald Duck is probably almost evey kid's favorite Duck. He's been hanging around since the earliest Disney history. As the name suggests, he is the center of this platform game. This time, Donald (known also as in France, Maui Mallard) and he is put on a missing person list, and the missing person isn't even a person, but the island spirit, and without him, the entire island will blown up. Donald will have to face all kinds of dangers. This game is a typical platformer, but the thing that stands out is his ability to go from simple Maui, the duck detective, to Cold Shadow, his night time alter ego, who is a lot cooler and a lot stronger. The visuals are outstanding, the animation is fantastic and the sounds are authentic while the soundtrack is very enjoyable. This game is by far one of the best and most enjoyable platfom game I have seen in a long, long time. Pefect for kids! For other cool adventure platform games, try out Disney's Aladdin or Hercules.

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