SEGA Rally Revo

Racing 2007 Windows Sega Rally

Pedal to the metal

Anyone with a hankering for some old-school arcade racing as typified by the likes of Outrun, Power Drift and the original SEGA Rally would be well advised to check out this modern take on the genre. It's not overly detailed and lacks the complexity of Dirt, but for some fast-paced action which is never less than entertaining, it certainly does the job. As usual for such games, you have access to a number of game modes, notably Quick Race, Time Attack and Championship, while there are some fifteen different tracks to race across, with five different environmental themes, including safari, alpine, and tropical, each of which offers their own unique challenges as well as some very pretty scenery. You've also got a wide selection of modern and classic cars to try out, as well as some concept cars for a bit of extra appeal, while another of the game's attractions is the way the tracks deform fairly realistically, so there are never two laps the same, ensuring you must keep on your toes at all times. As far as fast and furious arcade racers go, this is a pretty fine example of the genre. It's not going to appeal that much to those who like to tinker a lot with things under the hood or who crave realism in every aspect, but if you just want to drive fast and hard, then this is for you. The handling is very loose and arcade-like but this just adds to the entertainment factor, while the tracks are varied and exciting to drive around. The visuals are pretty lush, with lots of eye candy to catch your attention, and there's a great sense of speed and exhilaration, making this a fine choice for driving fans.

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