Sentinel: Descendants in Time

Adventure 2004 Windows DreamCatcher Interactive Science Fiction Puzzle based #n/a!

A successfully created game

Sentinel: Descendants in Time is a sci-fi adventure game released in 2004 by The Adventure Company. The story concentrates on the search of a treasure forsaken by a technologically advanced race. This treasure can be found at some caverns. The name of this game refers to a hologram that appears as soon as you will enter in these graves. You take the role of Beni, and you have to complete at least 20 challenging quests. I liked this game and I recommend it to all adventure videogame fans, because of its interesting plot, and mostly for the non-repetitive gameplay, there is always something new to discover. The puzzles you have to solve are creative and imply patterns, colors, sounds, or symbols you have to identify or connect. The inventory isn't present in the game, but you have to collect some items than can be used later when the action requires them. The third dimensional interface is user friendly, every part of the graphics and environment is carefully detailed, and that is why you will surely find yourself admiring the surroundings. Also, the animations are full of pleasant effects. There aren't many characters in Sentinel: Descendants in Time, but their voice acting is pretty good, along with the successfully orchestrated music.

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