Shattered Union

Strategy 2005 Windows 2K Games War Isometric

Forge a new union

While looking like an intriguing option for fans of turn-based strategy games, like Battle Isle, Shattered Union unfortunately ends up being too simple for the hardcore tactician but too complex for the more casual player. It thus straddles a line which makes it hard to recommend unless you really know what you're getting into. The game has an interesting concept, in that it proposes a second American Civil War occurring in 2014. You're given the option of controlling any one of seven different factions, like the California Commonwealth and the Republic of Texas, each of which has at least one unique unit as well as its own particular powers. The game is very much focused on the tactical combat side of the conflict, with war being waged across territories and with the more territories controlled, the more income you receive. Things are mostly played out across a hex-based map, where you move your units and choose who to attack, similar to other WWII games of this genre. Shattered Union isn't a terrible game, it's just there are far better options on the market, depending on your experience level. The concept is interesting but the game doesn't make a lot of it, looking quite generic and bland. The visuals are one of the weakest points as they really don't do much other than look functional. The interface isn't too hard to pick up, but for newcomers things can be a bit confusing while for veterans, the difficulty level simply isn't high enough, making this a breeze to walk through, and there simply isn't enough detail or depth. Overall, a very average offering.

Unique Concept and simple for most players

This was my first ever strategy game that I played (it was on original xbox) at the time I was confused by the concept but I slowly started to love it. The whole premise of the game is that a second civil war has broken out between the 7 factions of the United States and its your job to choose a faction and bring order to the U.S. You fight battles all across the country from New England to Florida with real cities and destruction. Also each faction has unique powers and perks to it. While the game is a bit simplistic it still is a lot of fun. I recommend for strategy players who want a new experience.

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