SimCity Enhanced

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Maxis Software Trade or management Business City simulation

The same city management game but cleaner

Sim City Enhanced makes a few very well deserved amends to the original game. No, the original recipe is still there: you still have to manage and build a city so that as many inhabitants as possible are living happily, but ultimately the experience is just less frustrating and less filled with bugs and undesirable situations. So, if you want to know more about the game, read the review of the original. I will try to explain what is different in this version: Fist of all, this game came on a CD, thus the full name – Sim City Enhanced CD-ROM. The extra space was used to pack in some animations as well as a few more assets, along with other tile sets that were made better. The game itself also was tweaked in other ways, refining the experience and allowing the game to be more crash proof, especially when you were building bigger and more intricate cities. So, in the large scale of things, the game managed to be an enhanced version of its original, while also trying to incentivize you to play more by offering you multimedia content: which for the time meant animations and audio tracks. So, I can only say that if you love the original or the idea of retro city building games, this version of Sim City is the best one to give a go.

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