Smart Games Challenge Series

Puzzle 1998 Windows Hasbro Interactive Brainteaser Reflex oriented

Diversity is the name of the game(collection)!

Smart Games Challenge Series is packed full of more or less original puzzle games, from logical type puzzles to memory puzzles, to card based and tilebased puzzles and more. The graphical presentation of these is very nice, most of them being the kind of 2D with bright colors and crisp edges, higher resolutions being the norm with this one. Also, most puzzles benefit from a choice of difficulty levels, so you can choose exactly how difficult the challenge will be. Some, however, get ramped up at insane (I would even think unsolvable, quite!) difficulty levels, so, in order to stay challenged but not frustrated, be judicious with the level of difficulty you choose. The other interesting aspect of the bundle has to do with the way the games had been compiled, with contributions from the magazine GAME, a great outlet for these games, also an assortment of highly knowledgeable puzzle critics and other people in the know. So, if you love pure puzzles, there is no way you won't find a few you'll love in this bundle. Also, keep in mind that Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection was released around the same period, and also packs a lot of Pajitnov spawned puzzle creations.

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