Adult 1989 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision Role playing Interactive

A fun but dated erotic adventure game

Although it doesn't seem to bear any link to the classic Emmanuelle erotic TV series, this game is nevertheless an erotic adventure game. You will be playing a guy named Coktel who's on vacation and is trying to flirt his way into the pants of a private island's beautiful women. Interestingly enough the game seems to take itself a little more seriously than a series like Leisure Suit Larry, but nevertheless, the character is searching for the same kind of thing as Larry. At any rate the game plays mainly as a classic adventure game. You point and click, have to parse through dialogue options and choose the option you deem most suitable for any give situations and even solve a number of puzzles. When it comes to actual sex scenes the game suddenly turns shy. These encounters are not graphical, but rather expressed symbolically through a numerical and symbolic system. But the main titillating attribute of the game is the interesting and sometimes old school feel of the dialogues, with the sexual innuendos and the expression that feel so dated now. So I would recommend this game just to have a taste of the history of erotic games. This one sure is a good example of the late 80s state of erotic PC games.

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