Adult 1989 Dos Tom Scheffler Role playing Interactive

An amazingly realistic dating sim

Upon seeing this game, I truly believe that Tom Scheffler created it in the distant 1989 with a sole purpose to help all those single people who just can't get a successful date. Girlfriend is a true dating simulation game (but not a funny version like Get the Girl!)which is designed for people to experience various scenarios that can occur during a date with a girl. In a really simple Basic program language interface you can build your date's characteristic to such detail as in height, weight, interest and other. Then you are put on a date, where the game asks you very specific questions about your behavior and communication in the date, such as would you put your hand around her arms or stay where you are. The date responds to your actions accordingly. It goes so far as to tell you if you've contracted an STD after you had sex with her! There is no winning and losing, it's just like being on a real date except, that is, being on a real date. The whole game is programmed in the Basic program language, without any graphics or sound enhancement, so minus points for that. Nevertheless, it's surprising how the game is insanely realistic. I recommend it for all singles before a big date and to whoever want to play it just for the heck of it. Both fun and some education about women behavior guaranteed!

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