Space Wrecked

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Konami First person Science Fiction

A space adventure with RPG elements

If you've watched any of the Alien movies, you'll feel right at home in the world of this adventure/RPG hybrid. Deep into space a team of astronauts and doctors have managed to capture 20 aliens. This happens while the crew is in the Orion Galaxy, and, as things always tend to go wrong, the aliens manage to escape and to put the spacecraft in peril. But these creatures are by no means just mindless, no, they're intelligent and they take over the crew, not before the humans were able to lock themselves in the cryogenic bay. Your task will be to try and restore the ship to working condition, and also try to stay away of the new alien crew, who is by no means looking to aid your pan. Overall, the game has its sneaking portions, a lot of classic item combination puzzles, and also it has a shallow RPG element in the form of you learning different new skills that will help you fix certain elements of the crew. While the game might have wanted to put you in a space to administer you some scares, it doesn't really manage it, though it tries. At any rate, it reminded me of a Star Trek kind of game that was spliced with Alien and then sent on its way to see what new tricks it could muster. It is, in a way, the Dead Space of its era, though as I mentioned, not half way as scary.

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