The Magical Candle

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Mindcraft Top down Fantasy

Nonlinear RPG, Ultima like at times, but also original

While today it might have a high set of requirements in order to play, and quite a load of problems, not internal, but due to the players becoming used to very simplified control schemes, this does little to take away from this game's greatness! Yes, that's quite a statement, but this oldie deserves it. Let's consider Ultima for a while, mainly the fact that it had, in general, a main quest build that would come to be used as the main storytelling and hooking method of most RPGs. Well, The Magical Candle did yet another great thing for RPGs, in that it created true non linear, highly diversified, multiple threaded RPGs. Now, sure enough, it does require a helluva patience, as the interface, even for the least complex of interactions can be quite a mind bender. But, say, you give it the time to learn the controls, you have the manual around for those times when you need some assistance and a good walkthrough for those times when you feel lost, and let me tell you, this is ten times better than Skyrim. Yes, storywise (even in spite of the thematic mumbo jumbo and common repertoire of themes) it is much better than many later released RPGs, and combat wise and character development, for party based games, it sure is a good one. So, download it and play it. It's one of those classics worth the effort.

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