Mutant Penguins

Action 1996 Windows GameTek Cartoon

Action and puzzler with penguins

In Mutant Penguins you play the role of a penguin which is stranded on a number of small islets, and there he has to collect items, knock other penguins in the head, try to stay away from all sort of Arctic baddies while at times being faced with small but nevertheless challenging puzzles, some which will require quick thinking, others that will require analyzing the maze you're at one level. But, nevertheless, the meat and bone of the game is mostly action based, with the puzzly bits only rarely coming into full center view, reason for which you will be more or less tired of the game after encountering just a few of the first levels, that unfold the entire base of the game. Thus, this is not a very diverse game, or one that you can really sink into for some more thought out reason. Nope, it mostly appeals to children or those that want a simple experience that doesn't really ask too much attention from you. A good alternative to it would be a bundle of games, so see the old but diverse California Games; a different style and vibe but ultimately still a game that doesn't require massive amounts of focus from you.

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