The Smurfs

Action 1994 Dos Infogrames Cartoon Platformer

Innocent, rather easy platformer, very charming though!

The Smurfs is a very simple and yet very colorful and charming platformer sidescroller game. It oozes that sweetness that the Smurfs universe has always been known for, and the game is without a doubt an ode to childhood and to children. Not that adults would not love it just as much, but I'm pretty sure that they will feel very underwhelmed by the challenges that this game puts forth. However, when you realize that this game is intended to teach children the beauty of platforming games, and, maybe in the process, make them learn a few things, you'll get where this game comes from. What I love about it is the very high quality and dedication put into the small things. This game almost looks hand drawn, so that's one thing it has for itself. I mean, just take a look at a screenshot, and look at those big, sweet fungus houses, they're sure to put you in quite a god mood. So, yeah, as a game for children, a platformer this sure can do the trick, especially now, that these new movies with Smurfs have surfaced, this could be a great game to give your kids a bit of a retro education! And, if not, Lion King can be a more diverse and more challenging sidescroller platformer, though one just as charming!

Advisable for both children and adults

The Smurfs is a 1994 2D platform game developed and released by Infogrames. You embark in an adventure that takes place in a forest, and you play as the jockey smurf, the brainy smurf, the greedy smurf and the hefty smurf. Throughout the exploration, you will maintain your life and energy with the useful bonus items you will collect. Beside collecting various objects, you have to avoid the obstacles and dangers that you will encounter in your way through the Smurf Village. Some of the animals like birds, bunnies, and other "cute" enemies will try to stop your progress and that is why you have to take them down. The characters look exactly like the ones in the animated program, and the graphics are cartoonish, enjoyable to watch, very detailed and realistic. The music fits perfectly with the game's general ambiance and it will make the time spent even more delightful. The controls are a bit slow, (you will likely press a button twice to activate a move), but the gameplay is solid, and that is why you should try its splendor. This attractive game is for all children that are fans of this animated television program, and not only for them, because even the adults will be pleased to take out their inner kid spirit to play it!

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