Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Adventure 1995 Dos Interplay Science Fiction Futuristic

Update to a must play Star Trek adventure

Do you know what CD ROM meant for adventurers of yore? How it tingled their spines back in the day? Well, those that had the much coveted drive were sure in awe, as the games that came on CD ROMs usually were meatier, contained more multimedia stuff and also tended to have spoken words on them! That is the case with this late comer to the adventure games of the Star Trek universe, a universe that had quite a few games on its side. In terms of gameplay, the usual recipe was applied here as well, as you'll control the action via point and click and behave no differently than in any other adventures of the day. But, there are sure advantages to playing this version, advantages that are as follows: a few bonus locations, video content and also space simulation. The crew is that of the William Shatner era, which is both a perk and a letdown, depending on which TV series you like more. Anyway, whatever it might be, you're sure to get enough puzzles and a nice story in the style of the original series, to make it all worthwhile. Live long and prosper, Judgment Day! (Yes, it follows the full feature movie of the same name, but not to the letter, so that's another reason to try it out!)

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