Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Interplay Science Fiction Action Point and click Simulation Sci fi

Based on the 1960s feature movie

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is an adventure game, which contains both classic point and click mechanics, but adds to the recipe some first person action, from the cockpit, and from the point of view of the members of the Enterprise spaceship, that command the bridge. Also, there are a few levels that are delivered in sidescroller style, but the majority of the game is the adventure mode. As Kirk, you can order your crew around, you can also move about and inspect elements and generally, you have all the freedom that a point and click offers. The first person battles are simple, clashes in space, where the most important thing is that you prioritize the ship's energy sources the right way. Last, the sidescroller portions are maybe the least well produced, but they are still playable, and break the game in chunks, making it less likely to bore you. Graphically, all of the portions of the game look alright, but don't expect some out of this world production quality; it's fair to say that Star Trek: 25th Anniversary looks mostly like a good, rather budget oriented title. So, all in all, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is worth it, as is Star Trek - Judgment Rites, again, based on the original series.

Great adevnture game based on a movie series

Not many gaming series based on movies have managed to make such a good impact as this one. All the parts in this gaming franchise are a pure work of creativity mixed with some really good elements. The plot of this game cannot be explained here because it is not one story but mixture of different stories in the game which have been segmented into various episodes. To give you an idea, it's based on the lost 4th season of the movie. Her graphics in the game are really amazing and truly carries the legacy of the animations which have been seen in the movie. You can control about 4 characters at a single time. The gameplay has also been divided into various phases where you will also get to play the space combat. Many famous characters from the series have been incorporated in the game which means that you can choose according to your liking. The adventure elements are quite self-explanatory and the music is really glorious. One can easily get involved even if he/she has not seen any of the parts of the movie. So I would give it a good rating overall.

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