Star Wars: X-Wing Collectors Edition

Simulation 1998 Windows LucasArts Flight Space combat Space flight

Destroy the Empire!

The original X-Wing was the first in the now legendary series of Star Wars themed flight combat sims that later included TIE Fighter and Alliance and which defined the genre for many fans. This Collectors Edition is an update of that original game which, if you've never played it, is perhaps the best single version of the game now available, although the Special Edition is the definitive collection. The basic game sees you taking part in an epic single player campaign that sees you taking on the evil Empire while piloting some of the universe's most iconic spaceships. You start out with some training missions before moving on to historical missions before eventually tackling the real meat of the game in three Tours of Duty, which feature some intense combat with a variety of objectives, like escort duties, defense and recon. You can fly X-, A-, and Y-Wings, but this collection also adds in the expansions which let you control B-Wings, take on new Imperial ships and take part in more narrative campaigns, while other additions include new missions, as well as improved visuals and sound. For any Star Wars fan who wants to recreate the thrills and spills of their favorite universe, this is about as good as it gets. The combat flight model is near perfect, even after all these years, and while the visuals have dated a little, they still evoke the proper feeling every time you see them. The campaigns are pretty epic, even more so with the expansions, with missions that are varied and hugely enjoyable. All in all, this stands pretty near the top of the space combat genre, perhaps only surpassed by Freespace 2.

For the X Wing enthusiasts

Gameplay wise Star Wars: X-Wing Collectors Edition doesn't bring anything new to the table, compared with the original but, as you'd expect, this version is without question a little more endowed with extras in terms of collectibles and other such bits. But, if you've never played X Wing before, you might want to know what to expect, so I'm gonna give you the gist of it. The game is a space flight simulation, though, given that it all takes place in a different universe, it makes sense that the game is more on the arcade side, rather than being some fierce simulator. So, Star Wars: X-Wing Collectors Edition gives you lots of missions, all tied in with the Star wars universe. You'll get the factions that inhabit the universe and you'll serve as a pilot, without too much freedom of choice. That is why you will take joy in just doing the tasks assigned to you, rather than having to deal with more than that. Piloting in space is fairly easy in the game, though surely, if you want to get into the game, you'd better have a joystick at the ready. The DosBox will handle most of the configuration, so that will be that, not much fiddling, not much in terms of issues. Alternatively, for an even more enjoyable gameplay and slightly better graphics you should try later X Wing games as the core of plays stayed the same while the graphics improved considerably with each new iteration.

Prepare The X-Wings!

The setting of this space simulation game is mostly similar to Wing Commander 3, but there aren't much interaction in this one. You play as a pilot for the rebel cause, who can pilot different types of space ships, starting from A-Wings to the famous X-Wings. While on the spacecraft, you can either go to another spacecraft to go on a mission or stay on the first one and take up some challenges on the proving grounds.The mission briefing is fun to look at and it makes you feel that you're in that room listening to the plan. The dog fight section is extraordinary, but is not on par with the much better gameplay of Wing Commander series.

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