Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Softdisk Publishing Arcade style

The smarter brother of Peggle!

If Peggle is a game that almost takes all of your control away from you, and just pits you in the shoes of a glorified one mouse button pusher, Streetball is the ball game that actually asks of you to think up your puzzle thinking. What does that mean? Well, in short, your ball is unstoppable, but you can choose when it bounces and when it adheres to the surfaces where it adheres. At any rate, you have to collect all the crystals from the level to progress and this takes very precise bounces, coordinated with the scenery and with the angles the ball bounces. To aid (or hinder you, depending on your skill!) the game puts ventilators in the level as well as areas where your ball is dead as balls can be! So, all in all, this game tests you as a Pool game would in your understanding of angles and it also creates a dense puzzle type experience that tests your speed or reaction as well as your long term strategic thinking. A really interesting and surprising game, the kind that really should be re released for all those smartphone wielding folk! Oh, and if you love ball play, how about Ballance for another smart puzzler/platformer? I still remember that first level!

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