The Thor Trilogy

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Apogee Third Person Puzzle based

Caves, Realm and Thor's revenge bundle

The Thor Trilogy contains three top down exploration heavy, action games, with Thor, delivered, all of them, in cool looking ASCII. The games are Caves of Thor, Realm of Thor, as well as Thor's Revenge. The games, basic as they are, are really well produced, beautifully realized, with the main activity being exploration. Your character, Thor is delivered as no more than a dot on the map, and, as you go on, you auto map the spaces where you've already been. This means that you will know which areas to avoid going into, as well as having a certain drive to see what is hidden in the fog of war. Else, there are loads of enemies to take down, there are loads of secrets to find and also, a cool few items that will help you on your way. Nothing changes too much with any of the games, but, as an idea, the later ones are a little bigger and more sprawling. So, with that in mind, make sure you have this in your collection. Else, a similar game, in build, with cool ASCII graphics as well is Ogre (ASCII), which is also pretty cool an ASCII action game.

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