RPG 1986 Dos Mastertronic Fantasy Science Fiction

Sub-par Gauntlet clone

Now this is something of an obscure rarity, a game that is likely to have passed most gamers by but for fans of old-school hack 'n' slash RPG adventures like Gauntlet. In fact, in many ways it is similar to this aforementioned classic, sharing its medieval/fantasy theme and emphasis on action over detailed stats, but doesn't quite live up its standards. As ever, there is the barest hint of a story, which in this case is revolves around the kidnapping of the wife of Storm, our barbarian hero, and his subsequent quest to get her back. Accompanying him is his trusted Wizard friend and together they set off through a series of single screen dungeons, battling monsters, avoiding traps and collecting treasure. If this all sounds familiar, it's because it is. The shadow of Gauntlet hangs heavily over Storm and as it doesn't really do anything better, you are better off sticking with the original classic. Storm's graphics are lacking in the charm that made Gauntlet so great, with simple blocky sprites that are difficult to make out and levels that are lacking in detail. While the two-player mode is a nice addition, it doesn't quite match the four-player mayhem of its inspiration. Some colourful flavour text adds atmosphere to your adventuring, but ultimately contributes little to the overall experience, while the lack of in-game music also makes for a less-than-exciting mood (especially after the cool title music). For nostalgia buffs, Storm is an interesting curio, but you are better off sticking with Gauntlet for proper arcade action.

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