Abandoned Places

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox ArtGame Top down Fantasy

Crawl into the dungeons

It's a sub-par PC changeover of a famous and a respected Amiga RPG. The plot is a typical one where you have to save the Kalynthia land from the wicked as they are emerging from their long imprisonment. You need to opt for 4 heroes to counter this dungeon crawl. There is a good variety in the graphics that you will find with this game. The dungeon combats and the explorations are in 3D where the travel and adventure is portrayed through some wonderful animations. The pace is a bit sluggish but still the options for monster bashing and combats make it a competitive action game. The conversion into the PC version has though let down the graphics but they are still good enough for a classic game of the 90's. The four characters which you have to use for the combats have their own fighting abilities but not all of them are cool enough for an interesting fight. It is not one of the heart throbs but is still effective in terms of keeping you gelled with your PC. It's an overall average game but the developers made a great comeback with its successor Abandoned Places 2.

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