Espana Games '92

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The Summer Olympics of 92 in minigame form

If you crave some arcade stylizations of the regular Olympic disciplines, in a rather DOS like presentation, the kind that would be offered to you in 93, then Espana Games '92 can sure do the trick. It's a bundle containing archery, track and field, swimming, etc; the regular events that make the cut in the Summer Olympics. All in all there are about 30 minigames in there, all rather arcadey in style, relatively easy to play and, well not that well produced. Archery for instance I'd say takes the cake for the most fun game in there. The rest? Well, mostly it's click fest time, without too much depth to them. Graphically, I'm gonna say only this Ocean! Yep, it's the company that produced for the NES, for the Super NES, and, frankly, they were quite far from being the smartest or the most interested in polishing their games to perfection. But, well, given that there are 30 minigames in there, you're bound to find a few that you will like. So, if you're looking for a bundle of minigames, this might as well do the trick.

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