Summer Olympiad

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox TyneSoft Summer sports

Dated, but technically playable; just not much fun bundle

This is a bundle of Olympic type sports, amongst which you will find shooting, fencing, triple jumping as well as a diving competition. While the games are functionally alright, you know, responsive to the controls, they are so sparsely animated (with, of course, lots of magenta for the colors used!) that you might as well pick up a controller or your mouse pad and just mash buttons around; you'd have just the same amount of fun, and a lot less of the hassle of making the games work! (DosBox should fix any issues of playability related to OS selection!) So, with that in mind, while you could for instance justify playing this for the shooting portion, which is a bit more interesting and involving than the rest, the truth of the matter is that not much of the game is any interesting, you know, it's just pretty boring. At any rate, the California Games bundle makes a much better job at producing a set of minigames that you actually want to play, and, all things considered, it's much more satisfying than this game here, even if it was released a bit later.

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