Adventure 1985 Dos Synapse Software Corporation Myth and legend

He's trapped inside a dream and needs to get out!

In Brimstone you are trapped inside a dream, in a nether world of chaos and without the constraints of the real world. Thus, you, a knight of the Round Table, referred to in game as he, I the third person, unlike most text based adventures where the protagonist is referred to in second person, have to gather 5 objects, without which you will be trapped in this world forever. The game also comes with a lengthy novella, which you should also find before starting the game, as it explains more about the lore and the world you'll find yourself. The game parser, is relatively responsive and well done, but at times you shall find yourself trapped, unable to find the right combination of words to get out of it. A cool, otherworldly adventure, which, for those that love the uncanny valley and dreamy worlds, will definitely be a great experience. Download Sanitarium for a similar, yet graphical adventure that blends reality with the dream world, and that takes a much more in-depth look into madness, the dream world, and teh way we project our lives into the fabric of dreams.

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