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Bizarre but enjoyable puzzler

A sort of variation on the Lemmings theme of point-and-click puzzling, the Gobliiins series is an interesting excursion into a bizarre and humorous world and which is well worth seeking out. This first game in the franchise lays down many of the basic elements for later games, Gobliins 2 and Goblins 3, and sees players in control of a team of three goblins, each with their own unique abilities. The goal of the game is to guide them through a series of linear, single-screen levels by making use of their abilities to solve the various puzzles they encounter. The reason for all this is rather bizarre but involves a voodoo doll, a mad king and a helpful wizard. The gameplay is straightforward enough, with the various goblins having skills like punching and climbing for Asgard the warrior, with Ignatius the magician able to use spells to move objects or make them grow and Oups the only one who is able to pick up and use items. The puzzles are played out against a variety of colourful and well detailed environments and provide plenty of head scratching moments to keep your brain exercised. There's a good sense of humour on display here too which helps make the game even more entertaining, with the goblins themselves having plenty of personality. The interface and controls are a little less than intuitive, which gives the game a slightly steeper than expected learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, there is a lot of puzzling enjoyment to be experienced here. The Lost Vikings is a similarly themed game that is also worth checking out.

Adventure/puzzler in a class of its own making!

Gobliiins is a strange game, it's an experience whose elements are at times absurd and child like, other times they're simply inscrutable and other times they just give you pause! But you have to be patient with the game. If you've played adventure games, rather the ones released in the 2000 era or the late 90s, this game's control and internal logic will look and prove a little daunting. It's not as much because the puzzles themselves are complex, it's more that you will not know how to connect the dots. Yeah, it's got an internal structure a little off-putting. But stick with it, learn, and you'll get to experience a game unlike many others. Graphically, the game is a colorful mishmash of hand drawn screen and interactible elements and cartoony animated characters. So, it's fun and silly. But in the end it's a fun, sweet game, so thus, worth a play. Oh, and the later titles in the series are also worth a play, plus, they can be controlled much easier, which is a good thing, as they won't frustrate as much, controls wise.

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