Triple Triad Gold

Puzzle 2001 Windows Cards Strategic scope

The Final Fantasy card minigame, now standalone!

Triple Triad Gold is exactly the game that was featured in FFVIII, a game of cards that had a sort of battle mechanic, a bit like Magic the Gathering, but lighter. The game was not released officially by Square Enix, instead it was the endeavor of a team of passionate FF players who coded and produced it. Thus, it's a freeware production, and within that category it must be said that Triple Triad Gold it's quite a well produced game, quite fun, if not that long lived. The mechanic, the basic mechanic consists of battling your opponent which holds a deck of 5 cards, while you have just the same amount of cards at your disposal. And so, it's a small match, but a very tactical one. At any rate, for fantasy card game players it will feel great, but the lack of additional decks of cards will probably feel a bit stifling after a while. So, try it if card games in general interest you, but keep in mind that this is a freeware release, so don't be too harsh, though, for what is worth, it sure does a good enough job!

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