Myth III: The Wolf Age

Strategy 2001 Windows 1C Company Fantasy Real time

A fun RTS with improved features

It is a real time fantasy based strategy game which has a very good and innovative plot. You battled the Lords in the previous version but this time they are your friends to help you out in your battle and quest against the dark armies. Those who have played the Fallen Lords will have a fair deal of idea of the gameplay that this game supports but this time they have added many features and tweaks which have made the game far more exciting and fun. The races in the previous game are still present and some new ones have been added to bring diversity to the game play. Every race has a variety of units and the total number this time goes to thirty nine. You will be given different units at the begging of every other mission. The game lacks in terms of the items to be collected or the resource gathering which was seen in the previous 2 installments. The units that you have are all your resources and you have to deal with them to defeat the enemy. Another new feature in the game is that the graphics are now completely in 3D which makes the gameplay more thrilling. Sacrifice in another very good RTS game and can serve as a good addition to your gaming library.

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