Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Sierra Science Fiction Cartoon

Funny and enjoyable entry in a classic series

The Space Quest series stands as one of the most beloved set of adventures in gaming history, alongside Sierra's own King's Quest, thanks to its mix of comedic sci-fi storylines and clever and inventive puzzling. This is actually the last in the series and continues in the vein of its predecessors, following the adventures of our hapless hero Roger Wilco who, despite having saved the universe several times over, now finds himself busted back down to janitor. However, it's not long before he finds himself caught up in another complex plot that manages to poke fun at everything from Star Trek to Wing Commander, The Terminator and Innerspace. Gameplay is largely similar to previous instalments, with the usual mix of puzzles and exploration, but with a modified interface that allows players to choose verbs in order to carry out actions and interact with other characters and objects, similar to some LucasArts games. If you're a fan of Space Quest and its unique brand of spoof-based humour, then this is likely to appeal to you, as it doesn't really stray too far from the path. The script and story and well-written and engaging, with plenty of funny situations and characters to enjoy, and with movie and game references galore. However, while it is certainly fun to experience, it's slightly more doubtful as to whether it's actually fun to play. The puzzles are certainly challenging and clever but are somewhat too convoluted for their own good and which often lack any real payoff, something which does make the game less enjoyable than it should be. The cartoon-style graphics are generally of a high standard, with nicely detailed environments and characters that bring the game a lot of personality. If you're a Space Quest fan, this is a no-brainer and should be played but if you're a newcomer, head back to the start and work your way up from there.

SQ6 and Roger Wilco humour

The whole Space Quest series, is probably one of the best adventure games with a lot of humor you will have to try if you say you're a video game and adventure fan. Developed by Sierra, the sixth games brings in a new adventure, more humor and better graphics and animation. The story begin with Roger Wilco being court marshaled for various reason and is demoted back to his position as second class janitor. Meanwhile, an extremely old and winkled woman named Sharpei is revealed to be plotting Roger's demise. The particular humor in the game does not only come from childish acts, but from dialogue, the narrator, who is voiced by Gary Owens again, and how idiotic our hero is. And I think they wanted to spoof the HUD too, because the name of the actions are weird, like instead of Walk we have Feet or instead of Use we have Hands. The gameplay doesn't differ from previous installments, so there's no comment here. I have seemed to stumble a running gag within a game and that's having a rotting fish in the inventory and Roger cannot get rid of it. But don't think that it's useless because later you'll see that the fish would come in handy. In conclusion, Space Quest 6 delivers another great space adventure, with some loveable characters, a laughably idiotic protagonist and lots and lots of humor.

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