Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Celestial God game or micromanagement Science Fiction

Builder game in a wasteland like setting

This game is a twist on the recipes brought forth by games such as Populous, or other God like games. You are responsible for the building of a postapocalyptic civilization, and thus, you have the kind of resources you would imagine, plus the perils of an irradiated, un-hospitable zone. Therefore, the game manages to have different and interesting personality among the more vanilla like builder games, and this can be a turn on or a turn off for many people. The beauty of the game is thus in seeing a barren land get habitable, get a new lease of life again, but that's going to take some time and some careful planning. You will get the usual limited squares action map, which can be scrolled through. You can mark any square and mine it, build on it or hover over it to learn something about it. Graphically the game is pretty ok, with nice tile sets. You'll find it more appealing and palatable if you've had experience before with similar gameplay styled games, as it takes some time to get used to it, due to the limited view action map. But otherwise, Utopia is a very playable and well polished game.

Gloomy atmosphere

For that time, Utopia game was realy something. It stood up from the others because it was a bit more complex than the normal strategy game. First of all, you had to immagine with your mind quite a few things. There was no action involved as much as in the other games. But it had a gloomy atmosphere when your tech. level started to rise (you did have to invest in science area and build certain infrastructures) and you began to get your first reports of an alien race that you infiltrated. And then the reports started to come in more and more.It was realy something (plust,the story was great). But,there is actualy NO ending to this game... you win over your enemy, get to have some cool aircraft, and then the game just runs... it is worth a try!

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