V for Victory: Velikiye Luki

Strategy 1992 Dos Three-Sixty Pacific World Wars

Better than average game

It is a typical but good World War 2 simulation and has all the elements that are needed to make a game diverse and interesting. The plot is the setup of the Russian front of the World War 2 where severe winter season is about to start and the there are many battles going on at different fronts. So your mission in the game is to engage in different battles and lead your unit through the frozen lakes and Swamps of Russia. The game has a very good and interactive user interface where you have options like scenario editor and mission editor. The missions in the game are very extensive and you need to address every mission after taking into account lot of factors that have been defined well. Every decision or strategy that you implement will impact your overall performance in the game and this makes the game very interesting and demanding. The graphics have been top notch for its time but the controls have been a little shaky at times. The puzzles in theme are very simple but still needs thought process. The music is a bit off theme but still the game is overall good enough. For strategy game geeks, Campaign along with this one would serve as another good game.

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