When Two Worlds War

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Impressions Games Galactic War

Turn based or in real time; great strategy game

The scale of this game is, mainly, the most impressive about it. Sure, that is a blade with too edges, as some like their strategies to be overloaded with information, to have as much bare metal contact to the math behind the simulation, while others want to have just the most meaningful controls around, rather than have to toil over the most minute of details. But, no matter, as with these games (that are worth their salt!) the game doesn't impose on you a need to thinker at the very base of levels, for controls, you can play only tactical, positional strategy, with just minimal economic involvement (after you've automated it all, once) and have a good time. Also, depending on your mood, the game can be played as a real time event, or it can be played as a turn based game, and, while I found the turn based to be much less chaotic, I think that for real time tacticians it will prove palatable. Because the speed is not that high, and if you have any need for tinkering with some non battle related element, you have the time to do it. At any rate, it's 4X, just to let you know, or rather, 4X like, but on ground maps, top down, with later 90s graphics. Which is good, and similar to Echelon, with which it shares some of its ideas. So, serious tactician and turn based warmongers, download it!

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