Carl Lewis' Go for The Gold

Sport 1990 Dos GameTek Summer sports

Step by step in becoming a world class decathlon runner

Carl Lewis' Go for The Gold is a really interesting game, part simulation, plus arcader, plus choice based managerial game. What Carl Lewis' Go for The Gold does great is offer you a beautiful set of gameplay options and mechanics, most of which revolve around the idea of taking your game and going with it; you want Carl Lewis' Go for The Gold to offer you the ability to take you through the steps and just produce the best results possible. More than anything though, just works, in spite of poor EGA graphics and in spite of the rather poor visual production value. Also, what it does great is the controls; the running phase for instance you have to tap the buttons in time with an on screen prompt. To do that you have to pay attention both at your fingers as well as to the decathlon runner. But it's direct, like a rhythm game; thus, it creates this very easy, interesting to sink into game, that does a beautiful job of keeping you entertained step by step. An alternative, without the other portions, just the action, is California Games 2.

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