World in Conflict: Complete Edition

Strategy 2007 Windows Ubisoft Action Real time Modern

Open fire!

With a name like this, World in conflict could only really be an epic military strategy game, and if that's what you're looking for, this doesn't disappoint. In essence it's an RTS which mixes elements of Company of Heroes and Command & Conquer to superb effect and which provides plenty of action and tactics. This edition packages the original game with the expansion pack, Soviet Assault and if you are interested in trying out the franchise, this is a great way to do it. The game thrusts you into a terrifyingly plausible scenario which shows what might have happened had the Cold War not ended and which finds the world in the middle of WWIII as the Soviets invade the US. What follows is an epic and intense RTS which plays out across America, and sees you in charge of a variety of units, including air, armor, infantry and support, in a gripping single player campaign. The whole thing plays out across fully destructible environments, while you also have access to tactical nukes, napalm strikes and other devastating weapons. The Soviet Assault expansion pack brings in new missions, weapons and a few other bits and bobs. World in Conflict really is a top notch game. It's highly accessible even for newcomers to the genre, thanks to a slick and intuitive interface, but lacks nothing in the strategy department, with missions that require some very serious thinking. The visuals are splendid too, with some very nicely detailed battlefields and units, so overall this is just what you need if you're in the market for some military action.

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